Matt Purbrick - UN PO' Vino

UN PO' is the small, personal wine project of Matt Purbrick from Minimum Wines to celebrate the joys of truly natural ancestral winemaking—i.e. just wild fermented organically grown grapes, no adds, no controls, pure energy—because these are the wines that I love to drink.

The first wine for this project, Soft Soft Big Big, I made in Australia in 2020, from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown on Yorta Yorta Country. And we've made some more very fun things in 2022 - coming soon. Except for Australian harvest time, I am now EU-based - between Italy and Berlin, and I hope to make future releases in Italy, my ancestral home.

This platform also helps me share some of our Minimum wines with humans in the EU. I'll try to bring over a small selection of favourites each year to share with you also.

If you have any questions, you can reach me here. Thanks for following along  :)

UN PO' = a little // a little bit.